Seats in the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica

I’ve got this Chrysler Pacifica here in the driveway. We want to get something big let’s see how much room I have. Starting in the back you can see I have very deep cargo space back here I see a magical button right here that says stow Loom. My own my goodness look the box. Oh my gosh, I happen to know that these seats, also go somewhere deep in the cavern of this vehicle I’m not sure how but I’m gonna figure it out right now and think a pull this up. You guys Where did that seat just go. Where did you go.

2017 Chrysler PacificaAll into the floor that is amazing let’s see if we can make it happen with the other one so we’re gonna do the other side and I’ve decided to have Evan walk you through it because I think it’s so easy even a 9 year old can do it first thing. moving away from the topic I want to say that I liked the headlights – more view here, they are also perfectly illuminate the road at night. I figured out is that you have to pull the seats all the way up now Evan I want you to lift up that ring right there on the floor. From here yet you might need a little help. There you go, Alright folded all the way up. There we go lever on the side. Well it all the way out well to lift the Stratton wire lifting it you want and shove the whole we’ll see use user hand pushes them pushing down push it down Baybay. Okay did now now we fold unfold that And All the way down. Now it is like that’s ridiculous it’s Riddick it’s like a cargo van now.

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