Recommendations on the installation of compressors

shem installation of compressorsAfter washing the system, the original compressors DENSO are fueled with the required amount of oil and ready for the installation. Turn the compressor shaft by hand, so that oil comes to the piston engine and evenly distributes on it. It will save you from the risk of damaging the compressor during the engine strart-up.

In some cases, you should add the oil. For example, if you use the same product in the systems with single or double evaporator contour, or if the amount of oil in the new compressor differs from that indicated in the technical specifications of the car. In this case, you should see Ford escape lights as the car operating manual to find out the necessary amount of oil. It is forbidden to pour the oil directly into the compressor: the oil is added in the condenser, the dehumidifier or the second contour of evaporator.

40 % cars in the world are equipped with the air-conditioning compressors from DENSO.

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