Hyundai spares

Hyundai spares.

Often, car owners do not trust car service and acquire spares for your car themselves. Then the buyer gets a very difficult choice of which parts exactly to prefer – the original, the original from the domestic Korean market or good, but unoriginal. They are very different, so let’s look at how to choose the right parts for Hyundai.

hyunday spares

Original spare parts for Hyundai cars are manufactured on request Hyundai Mobis, and are used for assembly, warranty and post-warranty service. They always have their own number in catalogs and mandatory packaging with Hyundai logo.

Two kinds of original spare parts can be found on the market. First ones are Hyundai Mobis parts of the company, certified for the European market and used by dealers to warranty cars. Second ones are often supplied to the domestic market of the UAE and South Korea. On packing their inscriptions are made by characters and these spares are cheaper than the first ones, which is the main criterion for buying by motorists.

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