Ford patented the idea of car – “doctor”

American Patent Office issued the copyright certificates for the “System of collection and provision of medical data” to the Ford Department of advanced technologies Ford.

Ford car

According to the attached charts, Ford cars can be equipped with different measuring devices of external manufacturers, such as the scales built into the seat, the heartbeat counter (like that of the stationary bike), non-contact tonometer, etc. The driver will have to access his/her account on the board computer, and then the system will start the gathering of health statistics in the background. Collected data will be saved in the log file. They doctor will be able to access these data through the Internet (of course, with the agreement of the car owner).

The system also has an emergency mode, which turns on if the sensors fix a sudden deterioration of the driver’s health condition (such as an impending heart attack). In this case, the computer can offer the driver to call his/her doctor, to take the medicine and stop driving. In critical situations the car will autonomously call 911, adding the patient’s ID to the distress signal.

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