Brake pads DAFmi intelli

Brake pads DAFmi intelli are made of high-quality European components, frames and plates NUCAPEUROPESA (Spain) and the Util (Italy), wear sensors Dayco (Italy) and the Yale (United Kingdom), the friction mixture Frimeco (Austria), Came (Italy) and others. Brake pads intelli are made by preservation of the brake disc technology SaveDiscTechnology, ensuring the formation of the desired properties of the friction pad with the help of the pressing cycle, on the specially designed equipment for this technology.

Brake pads DAFmi

Brake disc wear is reduced by more than 2 times (on the vehicle model and operating conditions), while not causing any damage to the braking efficiency. In the brake pads intelli metal fibers are replaced by modern mineral components, don’t leaving wear debris (plaque) on the rims. Through the efforts of leading specialists from Germany, Japan and Ukraine friction mixture of mineral fibers are developed, which provide full compliance with European and Asian automakers for brake pads Intelli.

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