All about the automotive air conditioner

Today, air conditioning can be put even on the most inexpensive cars, but after you have equipped your cars by this miracle of technology, you face a number of questions. The main one of them how properly to operate and maintain it in order to avoid frequent repairs because, in spite of the high technology available today-conditioning systems, it crashes quite often.

automotive air conditioner

Reasons for failure are conditionally divided into 3 groups:

  • technology – due to the use of substandard materials, structural engineering mistakes;
  • performance – due to errors in operation and maintenance or normal wear and tear;
  • external – due to the effects of aggressive environment and negative external effects.

Buying a car equipped with air conditioning, during one hour check it work in all modes.
When the vehicle is equipped with a large air inlet or a grille with large cells, protect the radiator by the grid. It may be caproic or metal. It saves from the constant bathing, protect against large insects, stones.

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